Market Warriors NFT Drop in To be Announced

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Our Features

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Investing platform that gives you the power to pick your own custom index of tokens and hedge them using our free credit vouchers. Strategy, skill, and speculation fuel Findexd to offer a true skill based DeFi platform.

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The primary utility of FDXD is the ability to stake into our weighted pool which will pay out monthly rewards. The greater FDXD you have staked, the greater your monthly rewards are

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Findexd boasts innovative tokenomics including our User Controlled Supply model, multiple deflationary mechanisms, and generous profit-sharing. These methods aim to bring value to our token by creating a balanced and sustainable economy.

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NFT Integration

Our market warrior NFT’s enhance Findexd by bringing in additional features that add excitement and most importantly utility which can change the way you invest.

Our NFT's

Introducing our market warrior NFT’s. Their origin derives from some of the common investing animals you may know of. Participate in our NFT drops to earn yourself a warrior that will allow you to utilize Findexd. Grow through our leveling system and uniquely shape them using attributes & accessories to change the way you invest. Click below to learn more about their functions.

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Our Roadmap

  • Q2, 2024

    Landing Page


    Community growth

  • Q3, 2024

    Free Vouchers Platform concept

  • Q4, 2024

    Market Warriors Drop

    Additional Indexing Features

    Credit Vouchers


  • Q1, 2025


    Attribute Drops

    Additional Indexes

  • Q2, 2025

    Attiributes Drop 2

    Indexing Competetions

Our Team

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Blockchain Developer

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Software Developer

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